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Normandy - The Beginning of the End - KICKSTARTER EDITION
Normandy Beginning of the End Kickstarter wargame
Normandy Beginning of the End Kickstarter wargame

Kickstarter version!
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Normandy, the Beginning of the End is a tactical war game and the fourth installment of the renowned saga War Storm Series (WSS) in which players lead their troops through scenarios that take place on the Western Front from the early days of the D-Day landings until August 1944.

  • The scale of the game is at the platoon level.
  • Each unit represents a group of between 30 and 40 infantrymen and 3 to 4 crewmembers for heavy weapons (3 to 5 in the mechanized vehicle units).
  • Each hex on the map depicts an area of 150 to 200 meters (roughly 165 to 220 yards).
  • The game is divided into turns that represent about 12 to 15 minutes of action.

The game uses a system of simultaneous actions called "WE GO”, a turn-based and real–time hybrid where players will alternate the activation of units.

The heart of the WSS system relies on command and officers are the keystone of the game. Troop morale is also paramount and reflects battle in a more realistic way: units under our command in the roar of battle may or may not accept our orders.

The game is played on a set of modular isomorphic maps, which may be lined up by any of its edges. Normandy includes a total of 788 counters and markers: 260 3/4" and 528 5/8".

In Normandy, we will have at our disposal a wide range of counters representing platoons of a company.

For the American and French side, we will have 2 punchboards of counters available including:

  • 61 platoons of armored vehicles.
  • 66 platoons of artillery and auxiliary units.
  • 3 aircraft units.
  • 176 platoons with officers, infantry platoons and morale markers.

For the German Army, we have 2 punchboards available that will include:

  • 62 armored vehicles platoons.
  • 68 artillery and auxiliary unit platoons.
  • 176 counters with officers, infantry platoons and morale markers.

On top of that, we will have an additional punchboard with 176 counters/markers to include game sequence/game control markers and special terrain features such as trenches, minefields, fortresses, bombardments, objectives, and so on.

The game includes the following set of scenarios but additional ones may be unlocked as the campaign advances. We will also be able to generate our own scenarios and play Normandy by using a point-based system that is detailed in the Exclusive Rules manual.

  • $24K (UNLOCKED): we include a half-sized maps of Saint-Lò, an enclave in where converged telegraph and telephone landlines, and that had two bridges over the Vire, that made this city one of the first objectives of the Allies on their advance to leave the bocage area. The Battle of Saint-Lo involved the 352th Infantry Division and the 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division on the German side, and the 29th, 30th, and 35th Infantry Divisions on the Allied side.
  • $28K (exclusive SG, UNLOCKED): with this exclusive SG, we facilitate the transportation of about two infantry companies. Use them to expedite your deployment to the area of operations, but keep in mind your transported units can´t open fire.
  • $32K (exclusive SG, UNLOCKED): only for backers! Two new companies, one per side and their officers, based on historical events: American Rangers, leaded by Captain Goranson and Sergeant Lommel, both decorated for heroism in Normandy. On the German side, Company H from the 352th Division, commanded by Hauptman Spranz, member of the 914th Panzergrenadier Regiment) and Company I, leaded by Unteroffizier Wabersich, member of the 916th Panzergrenadier Regiment.
  • $36K (UNLOCKED): a new component to tailor your own scenarios! A three-level hill to widen the options of the isomorphic map boards.
  • $40K (UNLOCKED): two additional scenarios linked to Hauts Vents to create a mini-campaign and increase the number of scenarios included in the base game to a total of 15!
  • $45K (UNLOCKED, exclusive SG): only for backers, two new American and two new German companies. By increasing the forces available, you will be able to set-up bigger combats! In the German side, two Ukranian companies deployed in France, part of the 439th Ukranian Ost Battalion. In the American side, troops from the 16th Regiment part of the "Big Red One" Division, with Lt. Jimmie Monteith commanding the well-known "Easy" Company and John Joe Pinder, member of Fox Company. Both Heroes of Normandy!
  • $50K (UNLOCKED, exclusive SG): if you're a backer, congrats! Now you can recreate larger-scale landings since we are adding a new beach half-sized map which fits with the rest of the isomorphic maps.
  • $55K (UNLOCKED, exclusive SG): in this SG exclusive to backers, we are adding landing boats (x16) to the American army. Your troops will be able to take first class to Omaha beach.
  • $60K (UNLOCKED, exclusive SG): reinforcements are here! We're adding two American companies and two German companies to the fight, only for backers: two German mechanised infantry companies, complete with MGs, and the half-track Sdkfz 251 D 'Hanomag' on the back. They belong to 304th Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment from the 2th Panzer-Division. For the American side, Sargent Carlton W. Barret commanding Baker company as well as Walter D Ehlers leading Easy Company, both belonging to the 18th Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One).
  • $65K (UNLOCKED): new terrain elements to personalise the battlefield. With these you'll be able to get much more out of your boards.

This is the Kickstarter version - all KS exclusives included.

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