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ST Korean War Battles
ST Korean War Battles

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Korean War Battles is an operational-level simulation of three engagements in 1950: the holding action at the Pusan Perimeter (August – September), the battle to retake Seoul (September), and the withdrawal from the area of the Chosin Reservoir (December).

The games all two-player, but are easily adaptable for solitaire. The time and space scales vary from game to game, and units of maneuver are battalions, regiments and brigades, with divisional-sized ones in some scenarios.

The components to a complete game include rules, one 34x22” mapsheet containing three sub-maps (hexagonal), and 280 die-cut half-inch (small-size) NATO-style counters.

The basic system used is a modification of the familiar "Fire and Movement" system used in Decision Games' modern era folio games.