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303 Squadron Convoy Expansion
303 Squadron Convoy Expansion

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303 Squadron is an intense, fast-paced board game that will push you and your plane to the limits. It is a 1-4 player experience, allowing you to play cooperatively or in a solo mode. The game is inspired by true events: players take the role of legendary pilots from the 303 Squadron, to experience epic dogfights against Luftwaffe pilots, and – most of all – to create unforgettable stories. This is the kind of game that sparks those "Remember the time when..." conversations.

This expansion will take you over the seas surrounding and protecting Britain, which together with the air and the homeland, was an important setting of the battle. Your task is to protect your convoys against bombing from Bf.110s and the assault of the deadly U-boat. You will have limited time to reach the convoy and force the enemy to withdraw.

In the expansion, you will find extra Bf.110s with the new "Bombing" ability; a deadly U-boat, threatening your convoys; and models of the transport ships you will need to protect.

This gameplay expansion includes 7 miniatures, plus new cards, another scenario, and tokens and rules for expanded play.