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Normandy - The Beginning of the End - Alone in te Storm
Alone in the Dark - Solo addon

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This expansion, designed by José Manuel Moreno, adds two new game modes: solitaire and semi-cooperative. We may play with 2 different levels of difficulty and 2 levels of autonomy, depending on if we want a smoother gameplay or a totally independent AI.

AitS seamlessly integrates with all the titles of the saga; with those already published and for those to come in the near future, since it uses the same set of standard rules of the War Storm Series. Also, it adds some new rules such as fog of war or events for the initial deployment of troops.

The fog of war creates an environment on the battlefield where the player will have to use Intelligence Reports extensively as the main source of information.

This expansion may be used to play single scenarios in solitaire mode as well as in a 2 player semi co-operative mode against the AI, in which both players will have a common goal but the system will evaluate each player´s achievements.

AitS may be used with every scenario on every available title, or for generating your own. You will be able to play any scenario in solitaire mode, co-operative mode (2 players against the AI), or even competitive 4-player mode (2 vs 2).

The expansion enables you to design giant maps to play your friends on!