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Isles of Terror Wokou Faction INCLUDING miniatures Kickstarter
Isles of Terror Wokou Faction INCLUDING miniatures Kickstarter

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While following a narrow path that led us further into the isle we suddenly perceived movement in the bushes ahead of us. We hid and observed the area for a little while. Several seconds later a group of 5 people appeared from out of the jungle and headed our way. As far as we could tell they hadn't discovered us yet, which was good because it gave us the element of surprise. I signaled my men to remain calm, only to attack when the strangers would pose a threat to us. But we were fortunate. A sixth man came running after the others and shouted out in strange tongues. Somehow he must have called them back as an instant later they all vanished behind green leaves. We still do not know who they are, but we now know for sure that they are Asian. Since we do not know of any Asian expeditions they must be pirates who have heard rumors of loot and treasure on these isles.

Ahoi expedition members!
You are all getting eight new terrain tiles: 4 swamps and 4 mountains! Swamps are difficult to move through, so each time you want to move characters out of a swamp you will have to pay one extra ration in total. Mountains will provide an advantageous position for your characters when fighting in adjacent areas since you will get one re-roll.

All of those who like to have miniatures with their games...the Wokou figures are included here!