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Scourge Dual Blister Overseer - Desolator
Scourge Dual Blister Overseer - Desolator

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The Overseer works in concert with other Scourge forces much more than the Desolator, which seeds wanton destruction everywhere. Instead, it increases the destructive capability and plasma energy of nearby units, creating a more insidious threat.

Bizarrely different from most Scourge units, the Overseer has little by way of offensive weaponry in the classic sense. The bulbous structure below the hull houses the Ion Cradle, which feeds energy from the huge power plant into nearby units. This boosts the already potent plasma weapons in its allies, upping their energetic potential considerably. This can be channelled into greater damage at short range or increasing the range of plasma blasts; both options cause dismay to the enemy, caught unawares as heavy units die in droves and strongpoints thought to be out of reach suddenly come under fire.

The Ion Cradle’s energies crackle around it, creating a halo of dangerous energy. In its only direct offensive capability, the Overseer can unleash this pent up potential, annihilating aircraft within close range, but doing little to ground based targets as the construct relies on the boosted damage of its ground based minions for this instead.

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2


The sinister Desolator is perhaps the most feared of all Scourge engines of destruction, although it is thankfully a rare sight. Its distinctive floating silhouette is mainly derived from its colossal weapons system, the frankly shocking Ion Storm Generator. The majority of the enormous aircraft's power matrix is dedicated to feeding this vast superweapon.

Due to the Ion Storm Generator's indiscriminate lethality, the Desolator often operates away from the main force to avoid friendly fire. Indeed, groups of Desolators are occasionally used to wipe whole grid references clean of enemies, especially when the enemy is without air cover.

Due to its great bulk and the massive power requirements, the Desolator is fairly slow for an aerial unit. Although this is a small blessing for beleaguered defenders, the inexorable advance of these behemoths is enough to corrode morale and ultimately cause rout.

The Desolator also appears to be occasionally employed in some sort of command role. Clearly, the Scourge leadership caste prefer to take to the battlefield in the most terrifying chariot their prolific technology can provide. The elimination of Desolators whenever they appear is a primary UCM tactical directive, since their destruction is not only great cause for relief, but also seems to break up Scourge unity of movement.

Overseer shares blister with Desolator
One model per blister. You can either build 1 Overseer or 1 Desolator.
10mm Scale

Height: 56mm
Length: 109mm

10 Resin Components
Supplied with 1x 40mm polished clear acrylic flying base
Model supplied unassembled and unpainted