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2022 Ukraine
2022 Ukraine

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The latest module our Procedural Combat Series (PCS) tackles the first year of the Russo-Ukrainian war in 2022. A complete and fully researched OOB is included featuring specialized and unique assets such as Drones, HIMARS, Patriot Missiles and more.

2022 goes out of its way to simulate the first year of the conflict through, thoughtful and brutally honest mechanics, such as lower quality Russian units having a chance of committing atrocities during attacks against towns and cities which in turn triggers a roll for Western assistance. While Russian forces enjoy a greater quantity of units, a surprise first turn, superior air and missile assets, they are fairly tied to their railway logistics and units cannot function at full capacity unless occupying or adjacent to a friendly railhead.

2022 was developed alongside students at McGill university who also developed their own game on the situation . The design notes include a catalog of currently identified war crimes along with the units accused of performing them. 15% of sales upon release will be sent to relief efforts inside the country.