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Second Hand Games Market Counter Clipper (Rounder) 2.5mm Deluxe Flame Markers
Flame markers DVG
Our Price: €13.99
Hi all,

Please take a moment to check the 5th edition of our Second Hand Market.

On Saturday June 24h we are organising a second hand market for all our customers.

You can:

1) Reserve a table and come sell your games. There is NO cost for reserving a table and also no comission fee for selling your own games. All money is yours. Just add it to your shopping cart and order it or send us an email and we will reserve the table.

2) Bring up to 20 games to us and we will sell them for you, no commission or cost charged, all money is yours.
Please do make a list with your games, min/max prices and your contact info. Also label your games so we know which games are from who.

What can I sell?

All boardgames, wargames, figurines, books, anything game related. Second hand as well as new (unwanted) items. Kickstarters are also allowed.

When can I setup my table:
People with a reservation can come at 9H30 to setup their table on Saturday June 24th. At 10H the doors open for customers or for people that do not have reservations. The second hand market ends at 18H.

When can I bring games (to be sold by the General):

From now until Saturday 24th June , during our regular opening hours, we will accept games.
You can pick your games up and collect your money at any time until July 2nd. Remaining games will be sold off or given away after that date.

Are there any costs to this event?
No. Not for the tables, not for drinks, not for selling games...it is all free.

What else will be there?
We will also have our yearly Summer Clearance day with extensive promotions!

Remember that this is also a social gathering where you meet other gamers, make new friends or find opponents for gaming.

Do I need to make a reservation?

There are 12 tables that you can reserve. The rest (+ any remainder) is available on Saturday for people who decide last minute. As a fair warning: we were very full last year! If you reserve but are not there before 10, your reservation is cancelled.

What is the address again?
Our Venue is 1200m² big so there is plenty of place at:

2275 Lille

We also have provided cover just in case of a spat of rain.

What else is there?
There is a swimming pool...so take your swimming pants if the weather allows (Pool is heated).

Counter Clipper (Rounder) 2.5mm Deluxe Flame Markers
Great War Commander British Expeditionary Force Ligny 1815 - Last Eagles OOP Austerlitz 1805 (English) - Rising Eagles
Ligny 1815 - Last Eagles
Our Price: €54.99
Great War Commander British Expeditionary Force

Ligny 1815, Last Eagles in the 3rd game in the Eagles of France series, following Waterloo 1815 and Austerlitz 1805

Game system

Rules have not evolved since Austerlitz, only including a few precisions.

The focus is on morale, attrition and commitment of formation (division & corps) at the right time, rather than tactical chrome. The detailed order of battle and the scale of the game allow players to really see the action and the game system provides a quick but realistic resolution.

This system is a mix of well-known concepts and new features to maximize playability and realism of outcomes. Formation are given simple orders than limit their ability to freely react to any sudden change of priority. Orders take some time a while before being changed. Units are classically rated for size, quality and movement. Formations activate one after the other at player's choice but have to follow the order they received at the beginning of the turn or even before. Game features offensive fire, defensive fire, opportunity fire, charge and counter charge, retreat before combat and melee. A lot of classical "prohibitions" are transformed into options: for example, cavalry can move from ZOC to ZOC but risk counter charges or more opportunity fire. A ZOC of a strong unit is therefore not the same as the ZOC of a weaker one.

The game turn has a random ending procedure and players are never sure to have time to move all their formation reflecting the command control issues of any battle. Also, the fatigue and friction factors are built in a potentially shorter turn length in the latter stages of the battle. Focus on morale and attrition is a testimony of a battle which was a test of will of two densely packed armies fighting head to head. Players will have to choose which unit will "lead" the attack and take the first fire. Failing a key morale test can make the difference between a stalled attack or a promising breakthrough.


Game includes 3 historical scenarios :

  • the battle for St Amand et la Haye (4 turns). Vandamme's III Corps was tasked with taking control of these villages on the right wing of the Prussian defense and to compel the Prussians to engage as much of their force as possible.
  • the streets of Ligny (4 turns). Assault of Gérard's IV corps against Ligny turned-out to be a savage battle for each building.
  • the full battle (7 turns)

Each short scenario is played on its own map with enlarged hex, while the full battle is playd on the full map.

The 1815 campaign is famous for the “what ifs” related to reinforcements arriving in time that could have changed the outcome. The inability of D'Erlon's I Corps to join the battle for the French on June 16th might have saved the Prussians from a complete defeat. Besides D'Erlon, Mouton's VI Corps was not far behind and arrived too late to take part in the battle. On the Prussian side, there are some historical “what ifs” as well. Thielmann's III Corps could have been delayed. On the other hand, even if the probability is lower, Bulow's IV Corps may have also arrived if the Prussians had been better at anticipating Napoléon's moves. A fourth scenario allows the reinforcements to get into play without players knowing their exact time of arrival or even if they will show-up or not. In this alternate battle scenario, players will get their chance to change that. While diverging from the actual battle, players will be closer to the mind-set of the generals of that day, who had no certainty as to their final order of battle!

Finally, in a fifth scenario, the action starts earlier in the morning, letting the players decide to fight around Ligny or elsewhere, or to let the Prussians attempt a delaying action against the French instead of a head to head fight.

This game will link up with a coming release Quatre-Bras 1815: Last Eagles to provide an ultimate experience at this scale of the 16th of June 1815 battles that could have decided the campaign before Waterloo.



  • 4 countersheets
  • 2 backprinted maps, A1 size(84x60cm)
  • a series rules booklet (24 pages)
  • one playbook (16 pages)
  • 18 play cards
  • 10 full color play aids
  • 2 dice
  • a box

Rising Eagles is to be the the second volume of the « Eagles » series. Following on from Fallen Eagles (The Battle of Waterloo), Rising Eagles covers another of history’s most famous battles - Austerlitz.

Game scale is regiment level for units, 250m per hex and one hour of real time per turn. The map has been produced by the combined efforts of Rick Barber (topography) and Sebastien Brunel (graphics, as in Fallen Eagles).
The game will include at least three short scenarios, together with a full battle scenario, offering alternative options to simulate the ‘fog of war’ and battle plans.

The order rules In Rising Eagles will have an even greater impact than those in Fallen Eagles. The ability to change orders will be reduced and it will be more difficult to “recall” formations, once launched. Initial planning will be an important feature, as befits a Napoleonic battle of such a scale.

In addition, ‘fog of war’ has been further developed and will be part of the main rules. Players will share some of the uncertainty experienced by the actual commanders, as to what precisely they are facing.

Initial play tests have shown that Rising Eagles continues to provide a tense and exciting game play, with strategic battle planning assuming a greater significance than the ‘slogging match’ of Waterloo.

Professional Tweezers for counters Quatre Bras 1815 Last Eagles
Quatre Bras 1815 Last Eagles
Our Price: €54.99
Professional Tweezers for counters Quatre Bras 1815 Last Eagles