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Baratheon Heroes 3 A Song of Ice and Fire Expansion
Baratheon Heroes 3 A Song of Ice and Fire Expansion

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King Stannis Rides into Battle with his Vassals
House Baratheon has several claimants to the Iron Throne. Brothers Stannis and Renly each are willing to do what it takes to take it. House Baratheon is a House divided, with some backing each brother.

Baratheon Heroes #3 gives House Baratheon players in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game a set of characters loyal to King Stannis. It includes a new version of Stannis, himself, ready to ride into battle. But others loyal to him, such as Dale Seaworth, Justin Massey, and even Patchface do what they can to seat Stannis on the Iron Throne.


Baratheon Heroes 3
  • 6Miniatures
  • 2NCU Cards
  • 5Attachment Cards
  • 12Tactics Cards
  • Highly-detailed Miniature Figures
    Highly-detailed Miniature Figures
    The six new characters are represented on the tabletop with highly-detailed, pre-assembled miniature figures, perfect for painting.
  • Everything Included
    Everything Included
    Each character has their own stat card, as well as the Commanders coming with their requisite Tactics cards, so everything needed to use them is included right in the box set.
  • New Options
    New Options
    The new NCUs, Attachments, and Commander options give players a wealth of ways that they can customize their forces to suit their play style.