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Triomphe à Marengo - Triumph at Marengo
Triomphe à Marengo - Triumph at Marengo

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English Edition

Northern Italy, June 14, 1800: The outmaneuvered Austrians attack Bonaparte's French unexpectedly and quickly force them to retreat. Convinced that they have won the battle, they take up the pursuit. However, when General Desaix arrives with reinforcements in the late afternoon, the French can turn the tide and turn the Battle of Marengo into a triumphant victory.

In Triumph à Marengo, a player takes on the role of Bonaparte; his troops are scattered at the beginning. The other attacks with Austria. He must defeat the French before they can retaliate with their reinforcements. Triomphe à Marengo plays fast. It breaks with almost all the conventions of common conflict simulations to capture the "smell" of linear warfare.

Based on the award-winning Bonaparte at Marengo, Triomphe à Marengo perfects it in many ways and creates a unique feel: the new game plan offers wide space for clever maneuvers; the modified combat system provides some nasty surprises; and the innovative moral system is pure thrill. Because the battles are fought without dice, victory or defeat is not decided by Fortuna, but only by clever positional play.


1 gameboard (84 x 56 cm)
80 printed wooden game pieces
27 wooden moral discs
1 wooden Turn marker
1 rulebook