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Tyrant module for Great Battles of Alexander 2nd printing
Tyrant module for Great Battles of Alexander 2nd printing

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This is the latest 'The Great Battles of Alexander' Deluxe Module. 'Tyrant' features the Battles of Carthage against Syracuse during 480-276 B.C. The module adds a map sheet, 140 counters and a rule book.

Source information is provided as are additional rules pertaining to the battles.

This is part of the Great Battles of History (GBoH) series. In addition, Simple Great Battles of History versions are provided.


  • Himera, 480BC
  • Second Himera, 409BC
  • Akrgas, 406BC
  • Gela, 405BC
  • Cabala, 377BC
  • Cronium, 376BC
  • Crimissos River, 341BC
  • Abolus River, 338BC
  • Mount Ecnomious, 311BC
  • White Tunis, 310BC
  • Tunis, 307BC
  • Lilybaeum, 276BC


  • The Great Battles of Alexander: Deluxe Edition


  • 120 Full-color counters
  • MAPS One 34"x22" full-color map
  • OTHER 36-page Rule and Scenario Book

    NOTE: This is a module for The Great Battles of Alexander, Deluxe Edition and requires rules and components from that game.