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Battletech Legends
Battletech Legends

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Across the centuries, the fate of the Inner Sphere changed time and again with the actions of one MechWarrior and one 'Mech fighting at the crux of history. Their stories became legends passed down through the years, and now these legends and their 'Mechs stand revealed as never before.

BattleTech: Legends depicts fifty-two of the universe's most famous—and infamous—MechWarriors and their 'Mechs from every era of BattleTech including the upcoming ilClan era. Each entry includes gorgeous full-color portraits of the character and camo specs for their machines, and delves into their battle history as a MechWarrior to reveal all-new details never before published. Finally, each era section kicks off with all-new fiction by some of BattleTech's own legendary authors!

The Star League Era
Something to Prove by Michael J. Ciaravella
Charles Kincaid - MSK-5K Mackie
Aleksandr Kerensky - ON1-K Orion
Elizabeth Hazen - HGN-732b Highlander
Jerome Winson - MAD-2R Marauder
The Succession Wars Era
All Wet by William H. Keith
Romano Liao - CTD-1X Cataphract
Hanse Davion - BLR-1G BattleMaster Dana
Takashi Kurita - BLR-1G BattleMaster
Jaime Wolf - ARC-2W Archer
Natasha Kerensky - WHM-6R Warhammer Black Lady
Minobu Tetsuhara - PNT-9R Panther Katana Kat
Morgan Kell - ARC-2R Archer
Grayson Carlyle - MAD-3R Marauder
Justin Allard - VLK-QA Valkyrie
Janos Marik - RFL-3N Rifleman (Modified)
Yorinaga Kurita - WHM-6R Warhammer
The Bounty Hunter MAD-3R Marauder (Modified)
Theodore Kurita - ON1-K Orion
Gray Noton - RFL-3N Rifleman (Modified?) Legend-Killer
Pavel Ridzik - TDR-5S Thunderbolt (Modified)
The Clan Invasion Era
Hidden Destiny by Randall N. Bills
Nicholas Kerensky - AS7-D-H Atlas II (Modified) Unity
Kai Allard-Liao - CN9-YLW2 Centurion Yen-Lo-Wang
Phelan Kell - Wolfhound IIC Grinner
Vlad Ward - Timber Wolf (Prime) Warrant
Ulric Kerensky - Gargoyle (Prime) Garmr
Aidan Pryde - Timber Wolf (Pryde) Deathtrap
Marthe Pryde - Summoner (Prime) Theseus
Adam Steiner - AXM-1N Axman Gauntlet
Nicolai Malthus - Summoner M
Anastasius Focht - AS7-K Atlas Heimdall
Shin Yodama - PHX-3M Phoenix Hawk (Modified) Kuroi Kiri
The Civil War Era
Chooser of the Slain by Steven Mohan, Jr.
Victor Steiner-Davion - Dire Wolf (Custom) Prometheus
Katherine - Warhawk C Ice Queen
Jerrard Cranston - CRD-5M Crusader Stormcloud
Paul Masters - PXH-3M Phoenix Hawk (Modified) Roc
Aris Sung - STG-3R Stinger Fu Shen
Tancred Sandoval - NSR-9J Nightstar Épée
The Jihad Era
For the Promise by Herbert A. Beas II
Cameron St. Jamais - AWS-10KM Awesome Demona
Devlin Stone - AS7-D-H Atlas II (Modified) Phantom
Alys Rousset-Marik - VTR-9D Victor Night Lightning
Damien Lucille (Lucifer) - GRF-3M Griffin
The Dark Age Era
Duties and Obligations by Blaine Lee Pardoe
Tara Campbell - HCT-5D Hatcheman Dòrlach
Anastasia Kerensky - Savage Wolf (Prime) Omega
Malvina Hazen - Shrike 2 (Modified) Black Rose
Jonah Levin - Atlas C 2 Solitude
The ilClan Era
Alone Time by Jason Schmetzer
Isobel "Bel" Carlyle - SHD-7H Shadow Hawk Tyche
Abdoun Ricol - MAD-7S Marauder (Modified) Akaryōshi
Alaric Ward - Savage Wolf A Wepwawet
Danai Liao-Centrella - BL-18-KNT Black Knight Julian
Julian Davion - MAD-10D Marauder II Excalibur
Kisho Nova Cat - Wendigo-VP (Prime) Nebula
Petr Kalasa - Hammerhead Akitla
Trenton Marik - RFL-7N2 Rifleman (Modified) Habeas Corpus