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Second Hand Games Market 4th Edition of BGG's annual second hand market EVENT Boardgame Bazaar

Hi all,

Please take a moment to check the 4th edition of our Second Hand Market.

On Saturday June 25th we are organising a second hand market for all our customers.

You can:

1) Reserve a table and come sell your games. There is NO cost for reserving a table and also no comission fee for selling your own games. All money is yours.

2) Bring up to 20 games to us and we will sell them for you, no commission or cost charged, all money is yours.

What can I sell?

All boardgames, wargames, figurines, books, anything game related. Second hand as well as new (unwanted) items. Kickstarters are also allowed.

When can I setup my table:
People with a reservation can come at 9H30 to setup their table on Saturday June 25th. At 10H the doors open for customers or for people that do not have reservations. The second hand market ends at 18H.

When can I bring games (to be sold by the General):

From Wednesday 22nd until Saturday 25th June , during our regular opening hours, we will accept games.
You can pick your games up and collect your money at any time until July 6th. Remaining games will be sold off or given away after that date.

Are there any costs to this event?
No. Not for the tables, not for drinks, not for selling games...it is all free.

What else will be there?
We will also have our yearly Summer Clearance day with extensive promotions!

Remember that this is also a social gathering where you meet other gamers, make new friends or find opponents for gaming.

Do I need to make a reservation?

There are 12 tables that you can reserve. The rest (+ any remainder) is available on Saturday for people who decide last minute. As a fair warning: we were very full last year! If you reserve but are not there before 10, your reservation is cancelled.

What is the address again?
Our Venue is 1200m² big so there is plenty of place at:

2275 Lille

We also have provided cover just in case of a spat of rain.

What else is there?
There is a swimming pool...so take your swimming pants of the weather allows (Pool is heated).